Nefarious: Graphic Novel Volume 1

Created by Josh Hano

Nefarious: Graphic Novel Volume 1
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348 backers pledged $21,153.00 on Kickstarter

Nefarious: Bad Guy's Gonna Win collects the first four issues of the Nefarious comic into graphic novel. Nefarious is the story about a villain-for-hire who specializes in helping other bad guy's win for a change.

Raised in Kickstarter
$21,153.00 / 348 backers
Raised in BackerKit
$777.00 / 331 backers

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Nefarious Patreon
7 months ago – Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 10:35:46 PM

The Patreon

Wanted to drop a line and remind everyone that the deadline to pick up the Kickstarter + Patreon bundle reward is nearing. It will close off on July 1st 12am. That will be your final chance to pick up the limited edition metallic finish trading card of Crow pictured below!



Also a new post just went up today. Enjoy this preview snippet and click through for the full page for an epic early-book reveal on the state of things. 


If that wasn't enough of a reward, I wanted to create an incentive for those who support the patreon by creating a supplement to the main Nefarious storyline. It is now home to the patreon-exclusive Nefarious comic "Death by Paperwork" featuring Becky as she navigates the politics, betrayals and dangers of managing Crow's evil empire while he's out having fun and blowing stuff up.  I didn't intend on showing up empty handed either. Here is the first page!




So you get an exclusive comic, a trading card and early access to every single main-story page as soon as it's completed. (not to mention access to the writers room on discord, where I pitch ideas, and post alternate joke-panels)

It's a great option for anyone who wishes to go above and beyond the call of duty and be handsomely rewarded for their support. On top of all that, we just hit the patreon stretch goal- all backers who pledge at the 10$ level will get a bonus steam key for the game! to either use yourself, or give to a friend. 

You make click this link- or any above image- to go to the patreon. 

Digital Rewards Status

Quick update on early digital rewards such as the Nefarious (game) steam key. Kickstarter takes two weeks from the end of a campaign to transfer funds. Once that is complete I'll be able to unlock backerkit which I can then use to quickly and easily dispense all keys- and those who have the soundtrack may have noticed they can already download the files. This means I'll be able to send out survey's on around the 28th.

-Josh H.

117% Funded!
7 months ago – Thu, Jun 15, 2017 at 06:27:06 PM

117% Funded!

Terrific work guys! Yesterday we hit our goal and overshot it for an amazing 21k! It looks like I have quite  a bit of drawing to do. In the meantime I put together this hastily edited video to thank you for making all of this possible. 

We did it! yeah! Kevin Bacon. 


We have a deadline now if you want to receive the Nefarious trading card with metallic finish! (A reward for Kickstarter backers only) If you support the patreon at the 5$ or up tier, besides all the cool stuff you get for backing the tiers- you also get this trading card this month only ending July 1st. Below is the design I've been putting together for it. The backside will include a character bio.


And as if that wasn't enough- by popular demand of the patrons, I've launched an exclusive bonus Nefarious content comic at the 10$ which you can also get here. 

"Death by Paperwork" features Crow's majordomo, Becky as she navigates the politics, backstabbing and peril of managing Crow's evil empire. The 10$ spot will follow the adventures of various Nefarious characters in bonus spots- and you can only get them through patreon. 


 If you're eager for more Nefarious content right now, while you wait for your book, the patreon is the way to go!

Special thanks 

Big shout out to the following backers for going far above and beyond in the name of contribution! Our Tyrant Backers! Look out for their cameo's in volume 1!

Josh Stabile

Matthew Montane

Brett "DJ Archangel" Strassner

Until next time! 

-Josh H. 

80% Funded!
8 months ago – Tue, Jun 06, 2017 at 11:22:04 AM

80% funded!

We are cruising right along. We've successfully hit the final tipping point. Our odds of success have sky rocketed! But we can't rest yet. We still have 3k to go to hit our goal and you guys are doing great!

The Patreon


I wanted to highlight a special we're running that will expire on the final day of the kickstarter. If you double up on Kickstarter and Patreon, on top of all the stuff you get backing both, we'll also ship you a limited edition metallic trading card featuring Crow! This one will never be printed again. In the future, we may run more metallic trading cards deals with other characters so you can trade them. This one no doubt will become the rarest.

It's also a great way to get a front row seat on the creation of each Nefarious page. From pencil sketch, to colors to illustration. Not to mention my other patreon exclusive works can only be found there.

The Discord 

Lastly, I wanted to invite you all to come hang out on our discord channel! We have an active group there, and gladly would welcome more fans into the fold.


60% Funded!
8 months ago – Tue, May 23, 2017 at 06:54:27 PM

60% Funded

We've hit what is usually considered the biggest indicator of kickstarter success, the 60% mark. We have a mere 40% to go to make this project a reality! We've been doing great. So in honor of that I wanted to a post a little of our pre-production art. The rough sketch I put together for our issue 1 cover image. 

Crow races through the streets of Kyuutopia.

One Final Hoodie

I wanted to point out too that we only have 1 legendary hoodie left. Once those are gone we are very unlikely to make them available again. This is your only chance to snag a dazzling piece of Crow themed gear and it'll really bring us a huge step closer to our goal.

Two Tyrant Tiers remaining.

While we're on the topic of exclusivity; There are only two tyrant tiers left in the tank. If you want to give yourself a major story related cameo this is the way to reward yourself.  I've even started producing early production art for our first cameo Emperor Hacken Slash

First the basic role is established (In this case evil emperor) After the concept is approved with the tyrant pledger we move onto script and start working out what he is saying and doing. It's a fun process that produces a lot of art on the way.

Show the Love

For today's share the love segment I wanted to shout out to Clonsters, a cute story that is one part adventure time, and one part AHHH!! Real Monsters (for those old enough to know what that is)

Click here to check it out.

Clonsters is a fantasy-adventure about a world populated by various whimsical creatures who co-exist, go on adventures, and search for the answers to life's mysteries. The most common race of Clonsters is the EARTH NUGGETS, a friendly and daring breed of Clonster that live in houses made of plants.

 That's it for this update!


50% Funded!
8 months ago – Fri, May 19, 2017 at 09:45:11 AM

50% Funded

 We've hit 50%! That's over $9000 in funding raised in four days. Good job team. We're halfway to hitting our target and if we've done it once, we can do it again. If we can keep up this pace we can even start talking about stretch goals soon and I have a few good ones in mind. For now let's keep sharing the page and keeping the signal strong. 

Tyrant Tier

I want to thank one of our backers, Matthew Montane for being our first Tyrant! For those of you who don't know, Tyrant is a cameo OC tier. Where we organically work a character of your design into the story as a cameo. Examples from Nefarious the game include Dr. Mechano, Stabile (the upgrade machine), Scholar Ben, Kaptain Man and Manfred Frowney. 

 We have a few arch types we need filled, and these are on a first come first serve basis. So if you're on the fence. Now's the time to snag one.

  • A rival villain Crow meets regularly for poker night.
  • An emergency service worker, EMT, Nurse or doctor
  • A race track commentator/announcer.
  • An OC Princess

While these are the ones we need, they are not requirements if you have your own idea, we'll work together to create something organic and fun for everyone. Filling all four tyrant roles would be a huge win, and we only have three spots left! so consider joining the Nefarious canon today! Then be sure to drop by the official Nefarious discord and brag.


The last bit of business on our docket, and something we'll see linked in a lot of future updates, is our 'Final 48 hour thunderclap'. Thunderclap is a website that authorizes a one-time only message to be sent from your social media. So we've set one up in order to help spread the word when Nefarious hits the final 48 hours of its campaign. 

Please click on the button or text below and add your support with all three social network platforms. (even if you don't use them; our goal is to get 100 supporters asap)


The Nefarious 48 Hour reminder