Nefarious: Graphic Novel Volume 1

Created by Josh Hano

Nefarious: Bad Guy's Gonna Win collects the first four issues of the Nefarious comic into graphic novel. Nefarious is the story about a villain-for-hire who specializes in helping other bad guy's win for a change.

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50% Funded!
almost 6 years ago – Fri, May 19, 2017 at 09:45:11 AM

50% Funded

 We've hit 50%! That's over $9000 in funding raised in four days. Good job team. We're halfway to hitting our target and if we've done it once, we can do it again. If we can keep up this pace we can even start talking about stretch goals soon and I have a few good ones in mind. For now let's keep sharing the page and keeping the signal strong. 

Tyrant Tier

I want to thank one of our backers, Matthew Montane for being our first Tyrant! For those of you who don't know, Tyrant is a cameo OC tier. Where we organically work a character of your design into the story as a cameo. Examples from Nefarious the game include Dr. Mechano, Stabile (the upgrade machine), Scholar Ben, Kaptain Man and Manfred Frowney. 

 We have a few arch types we need filled, and these are on a first come first serve basis. So if you're on the fence. Now's the time to snag one.

  • A rival villain Crow meets regularly for poker night.
  • An emergency service worker, EMT, Nurse or doctor
  • A race track commentator/announcer.
  • An OC Princess

While these are the ones we need, they are not requirements if you have your own idea, we'll work together to create something organic and fun for everyone. Filling all four tyrant roles would be a huge win, and we only have three spots left! so consider joining the Nefarious canon today! Then be sure to drop by the official Nefarious discord and brag.


The last bit of business on our docket, and something we'll see linked in a lot of future updates, is our 'Final 48 hour thunderclap'. Thunderclap is a website that authorizes a one-time only message to be sent from your social media. So we've set one up in order to help spread the word when Nefarious hits the final 48 hours of its campaign. 

Please click on the button or text below and add your support with all three social network platforms. (even if you don't use them; our goal is to get 100 supporters asap)


The Nefarious 48 Hour reminder

30% Funded!
almost 6 years ago – Tue, May 16, 2017 at 10:54:39 PM

Day one is complete! 

It has been a huge success due to your support. We've managed to hit 30% of our goal in a single day. We're all in this now to hit the next major milestone for funding; 60%. At 10,800 we hit the next tipping point that makes this even more of a statistical reality. So keep beating those drums! 

The longer we keep our initial boost of momentum the better. Please share the links on your various social media platforms of choice, forums, your dog, anywhere! Let them know we hit 30% and we're keeping the ball rolling. 

Also I wanted to take a moment to talk about some of the addons. You can always increase your own pledge (without changing the tier) and add a memo to get a few extra rewards. For example, outside of patreon this Kickstarter is the only place I'm currently accepting commissions! So be sure to snag one if you want some tailor made art by me. 

Thanks again! This party doesn't end until June 15th! Keep the signal strong.